Selling your property


Would you like to sell your property?

Selling your property is a process that may affect your family and your future.

Before you begin this process, you’ll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

When should you sell? How do you get the best price? What kinds of renovations should be made prior to the sale?

We can advise you and offer you the benefits of our marketing strategies to help you sell your property in the most profitable way.



Our services:

  • We estimate your property
  • We effectively advise you before the sale of your property and ensure compliance with the legal provisions.
  • You benefit from our portfolio of potential clients (local and international clientele).
  • You benefit from the advertisement of your listing on our website and our partners sites.
  • You benefit from the sharing of your file between our cooperated estate agencies.
  • We track your file and handle all steps of the signing of the sales agreement and the signing of the deed.


Seller's Mandate:

In the event that a main contract is drawn up for my property, I will pay you the specially agreed brokerage fee amounting to 3.00% of the total agreed selling price of the main contract plus VAT. I consider this fee to be fair, reasonable and not excessive and I am obliged to pay you (Aegean Elite OE) half of it on the day of the signing of any preliminary contract, and the whole of it without any further inconvenience to you, which I expressly waive, and even if the contract is drawn up subject to a condition precedent, on the day of the signing of the relevant final contract or any other agreement. For properties with an agreed sale price of less than EUR 50.000, the minimum brokerage fee is set at EUR 1.500 plus VAT.

I agree that this exclusive mandate is valid for 24 months, I consent to the drawing up of a brokerage contract between You (Aegean Elite OE) and the prospective purchasers and you may also act for my contracting party. After the above date I will notify you in writing of the termination of the contract otherwise this shall be deemed to continue as an exclusive mandate and brokerage contract for the same period.

In the event that I sell the property within the period of 6 months after the above mentioned period to a buyer who has been proven to have been recommended by you, I will compensate you in full at 3% of the agreed sale price plus VAT.

In the event that I sell the property by my own proven means during the term of this agreement or its extension, i will pay to you (Samos Properties) the full amount of 3% on the sale price plus VAT as per our above agreement, if in the event that a buyer has been found and agrees to pay any agreed sale price and I am unable for legal, tax, family, emotional reasons or simply a change of mind in general to proceed with the sale of the property I will pay you 50% of the brokerage fee on the applicable sale price plus VAT.

I also acknowledge that if i decide to remove my property for whatever reason from the market at any point from the time i sign this Endoli to the ending of this Endoli i must pay you, (Aegean Elite O.E) the fee of 1.5% of the advertised selling price for the works carried out up until that date.

I also hereby consent that you post texts and photos on your website and on various real estate portals, social networks, publications and to promote it to your interested parties and colleagues for a better and more efficient process of selling my property. I also declare that I am aware that you keep my personal data under European Directive 679/2016 and I consent to any communication between us in any way.


What Documentation We Require For A Property Evaluation:

* Topographical Survey

* Sales contract (to prove that the property is legally in your name/s)

* Ktimatologio - With the GPS co-ordinates of the property or plot of land 



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