Tour de Samos 2019….

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“Tour de Samos” 2019 – an amazing event took place a few days ago here on Samos for the 2nd year. Vintage cars took part in an exceptional excursion-show for all to watch and admire.

The tour started on Saturday in Karlovasi and ended on Sunday after the drivers had driven about 200 kilometers around the island. The weather, being beautiful, meant tourists and locals were given the opportunity to see from up close, cars from all over the world and as old as from the ’50’s.

The tour covered various areas of Samos, from Drakai , Pythagorio, Vathi and Karlovasi to name just a few. Onlookers were amazed by the drivers talent while driving on the narrow, cliff edge roads of Samos in their priceless vehicles.

A great day was had by all, and everyone is looking forward to the next tour in 2021. Be there!

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