• Investment in property from €250,000 per family. The most affordable cost to residency in Europe.
  • Permanent residence for 5 years (real estate option) or 10 years (strategic investment option).
  • Enjoy Visa-Free travel to Europe’s Schengen zone (your gateway to Europe). The resident permit holders can also travel directly from their country of origin without the need to come to Greece first.
  • No requirement to reside. It is not necessary to live in the country in order to retain and renew the resident permit.
  • The resident permit holder may establish his/her own business in Greece.
  • Peace of mind. Have a plan B – for your family, your business, or for your retirement. It is better to have it before you need it.
  • Secure investment. Place your investments on solid foundations. Invest in buildings or land development. Gain value with time.

Our company and our legal department offer a complete line of services to non-EU citizens who wish invest, into purchasing real estate on Samos Island, that gives the opportunity of a permanent residency permit in Greece and at the same time undertake the entire process for yourself and your family from A to Z, just a short visit to Samos is required on your behalf.