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A global distinction – due to our membership in the EU – has the Greek passport. According to the annual report of the Passport Index Greece featured in 6th place in the world ranking, as the Greek passport holders can travel to 153 countries without requiring visas. The annual report of Passport Index shows the dynamic that passports of countries  have and is based on how many countries can travel the holders without needing a visa. The data collected on an annual basis Passport Index yielded by authorities in each country and by a particular safety dipstick.

At the top of the relevant list for 2016 is Germany, where Germans can travel without visas in 158 countries, in second place is the Swedish passport with 157 countries in 3rd place tie by Finland, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, in 4th position are Singapore, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, Norway, Japan and the United States while in 5th position are Austria, Luxembourg and Portugal. The sixth is Greece, tying with Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. In last place ranking (95th) is the passport of Afghanistan, with Afghan holders be able to travel without visa to only 24 countries.



Source: Παγκόσμια διάκριση για το ελληνικό διαβατήριο: Στα 6 πιο ισχυρά στην υφήλιο

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